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Teamwork Transformation​

Discover new ways of working with your team that gets more done with greater ease. Without you needing to supervise every step constantly.

Vibrant Vision

Transform your team from "so-so" to dynamic and high-performing, creating a brilliant working environment where everyone is aligned with your business vision.

Clarity Catalyst​

Gain a new lens to look at your business - one that brings greater clarity, ease, and confidence in knowing you're working on the right things at the right time.

Starting a business?

Here's our distilled, real world tested playbook to get stuck in and build, from the ground up, with a solid base

Congrats – you’ve been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. 

You’re great at your craft, your idea, your reason you’ve decided to be in business. 

We’re here to help you learn all the other stuff that you need to learn as a business owner. 

From strategy, to finances, to pricing for profit & knowing your numbers through to getting it done without losing sleep –  it’s all here & we’re SO excited to help you learn these skills

Build a stronger business from the start

You started your business about something you’re really great at, but before you knew it, you need to learn all these other hats. 

And you didn’t realise it would feel this hard!

Here’s where you come to change that. To feel in control & money smart. 

This 38 page workbook is not just knowledge. 

It’s you, getting the time and questions to work ON your business. To work through (without overwhelm) all the elements you need for a strong, profitable and set for success business. 

Learn the business behind the scenes skills that will last a lifetime & change your business & wealth trajectory completely. 

What I found most impactful was actually how they met with me on my level and helped me feel grounded where I was at.

Robyn and Alana are also very good at making light, easy-to-handle chunks of the more serious and intimidating stuff. 

Keegan Meiring

Owner - Good Boy Music

I think I’ve done really well in business but I’ve never nailed the FINANCE thing. Until Now. 

Alana and Robyn ROCK my world. With a capital R. They both bring a wealth of knowledge (and patience for all my questions) to the YST table to deliver the boring shit in business and make it actually FUN. They encourage you every step of the way, are approachable and have a cracking sense of humour to boot.

If you’re like me and need to get into the yucky nitty gritty of business that you’ve been avoiding, then this is the BIZ SHIZZ for you. Sign up. Do it. Like, now!

Cate Thomas

Cate Thomas Photography

So. What do you think? Are you ready to shake things up?

Imagine what it will feel like being that savvy person who runs a business with heart AND financial  smarts.

Someone who knows what’s coming in, what’s going out, and can pay themselves without panic.

Someone who knows what to work on, when. And to do that all without burning out. 

These are skills. You’ve already learned so much – you can learn this, we promise you.

We’ve worked this stuff through with thousands of people over the last 20 + years. 

So there’s not one way. There’s finding, learning, falling over, getting up.

But the universal truth? You’ve got to start.  

Alana just simple "gets it". 

So relatable, real and honest and the feedback was 100% on point and supportive. HIGHLY Recommended!

Clearly this is the kick up the backs?*&! I needed to get my head in the game!


HR Consultant

How does it all work?

What resources do I get access to?

You get immediate access to a 38 page workbook which is a distilled version of our coaching services we’ve worked through with hundreds of business owners. 

We cover all the basics (in a not so boring way!): business financials, business habits, planning and pricing.

There is an accompanying video series to work through and help you further, but the workbook is designed to be stand alone so you can go at your pace. 

If you do the work, this truly is like having a built in coach or business advisor sat alongside you for a fraction of the price usually charged. 

This sounds too cheap to have an impact?

Yep, fair play. You’d think so based on other experts, we agree. But our drive to bring relatable and affordable business support to NZ means we’ve designed this to suit all budgets. Business is hard for many reasons, but the pricepoint to access help when it’s hard shouldn’t be a factor that holds us back. The value that you get from this is directly linked to the effort you apply to it – not the price you pay!

Since price is low, is there a catch? Will you try upselling me to higher tiers constantly?

There’s a limit to what we can offer in any workbook, this is true.

But we are committed to giving as much support as we possibly can while not short changing YOU with bog standard advice and missing something vital in your context.

Our “upsells” are easily seen here and to accompany your workbook, and get support on your journey as a business owner, we will invite you to join us in Your Business Club to help embed those new habits. This is $10 a month (GST incl), and can be cancelled at anytime. 

If you need more in depth or personalised support it is available but not always necessary. It’s completely up to you. 

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